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Auckland electricity is only going to get more expensive. But the region has some of the best sunshine hours in the country – perfect for cutting down those bills with a fully installed solar power system.

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Auckland Solar Power

PV Panel installation on a roofThis is what we most commonly think of as going solar these days. This kind of panel generates electricity directly (via an inverter) which can be used immediately, or potentially sold back to the electricity company.

The right solar installer will help you design and customise a system that’s right for your home and family. That could mean traditional PV panels on your roof. Or maybe even one of the integrated solar roof tile systems now available. A solar installation does not need to look ugly.

Tesla solar battery installationThis is the primo solar system. Modern battery technology now means you can have a system that stores what you generate. This helps to maximise your power savings (the electricity buy back rates are a lot lower than the rates you pay them per unit – typically around a 1/3 of the price). And modern battery solar systems take up a lot less space and look a lot more attractive.

A lot of people don’t realise that regular solar systems do NOT work during a power cut (for safety reasons). Battery based systems can. And they can last you for days, or even longer if you want the capacity.

With modern battery technology you can easily have backup power stored to last you 7 days with no sunshine at all. Need more, just add more batteries.

Solar hot water system installedDon’t think that solar water heating is old technology. It’s well established technology still widely used and very effective. It costs a lot less to install than a solar power system, yet can still save you around 30% on your power bills (the average household uses around 30% of their electricity just heating their hot water tank!). You can often even just convert your existing hot water tank – although you might even want to consider getting a bigger one to store even more lovely hot sun heated water 🙂

There’s a good reason why 1 in 3 kiwis live in the Auckland area. It’s an awesome city with great facilities and some of the best beaches in the world within reach. OK, so the traffic isn’t so great but we’re working on that one ;-).

The culture and diversity makes Auckland what it is. As most of us live here it gets the best of all the festivals, concerts, sports and cultural events. Not to mention the restaurants – Aucklanders take food and drink seriously. Whether it’s ‘just’ a flat white or fine dining, there are so many great options to choose from.

And what about that climate? Great summers and mild winters. Which also means we get some of the best sunshine hours in the country – over 2,000 sunshine hours per year. Just what you need to get the best out of a solar power installation.

Areas Serviced

Auckland Central – City, Waterfront, Ponsonby, Parnell, Newmarket, Mount Eden, Kingsland, Mission Bay, St Heliers, Karangahape Road (K Road).
Hauraki Gulf & Islands – Waiheke Island, Great Barrier Island (Aotea), Kawau Island.
Auckland North – North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Matakana Coast.
Auckland West – Kumeu, Waitakere Ranges, West Coast Beaches (Piha, Muriwai, Te Henga, Karekare, Whatipu, Karioitahi), Kaipara.
Auckland East – Pohutukawa Coast, Hunua Ranges, Clevedon.
Auckland South – Manukau, Mangere, Awhitu Peninsula, Pukekohe, Bombay.

Other regions covered: WellingtonNelsonChristchurch