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Christchurch electricity is only going up in price. And whilst it is ‘way down South’ the region gets some of the best sunshine in New Zealand. It’s perfect for installing a solar power system to help cut down those power bills.

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Christchurch Solar Power

PV Panel installation on a roofGoing solar is typically seen as this kind of panel on the roof. PV panels generate electricity directly so you can use it right away in the daytime, or arrange to sell back what you don’t use to your electricity company.

Solar installers can help you choose and customise a system so you have the right install for your home.

Tesla solar battery installationIf you want the ultimate in solar installation, then you need a system which includes battery storage. Nowadays modern battery technology means you can squeeze every ray of sunshine power out of your panels, and don’t need to really worry about what the electricity company will pay you for excess units generated during the daytime. Because you can use them to their full value at night!

The other major benefit of a battery backed system, is that it can work during a power cut. Most regular solar power systems do not function during power outages, even in the daytime. Not many people realise this limitation still exists.

Solar hot water system installedIt’s not as popular as it once was – because regular solar power systems have become a lot cheaper. But solar water hot water is still significantly cheaper to install today. And the savings are substantial – the average household uses around 30% of their electricity heating up their hot water tank. The sun is very effective at heating water directly, so your whole family can still have a nice hot shower – heated by the sun alone. Systems normally also include electric backup to cover too many cloudy days in a row, or if you have guests staying and need more hot water than usual.

Christchurch is of course the largest city in the South Island. It may only be 20% the population of Auckland, but it’s got a big friendly heart. As anyone living here will know from first hand experience it’s called the “Garden City” for good reason – with its wealth of parks, gardens and tree-lined streets. Not many cities can boast the beauty of the 75 acres of Christchurch Botanic Gardens right in the middle of the city.

Then of course there is the Avon River meandering through the heart of Christchurch. Plus a vibrant city centre with awesome street art, shopping, eateries and its own flavour of boutique shops.

Then there’s the best kept secret – North Islanders don’t seem to realise just how good the climate is down here. Not only are there more sunshine hours than in Auckland (which makes solar panels that bit more effective), the Summer temperatures are just as good. Fair do’s, it is quite a bit chillier in Winter though 🙂

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