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Electricity prices in Richmond are only going to keep going one way – and that’s up. But the region gets amongst the best sunshine hours for the whole country. Making it ideal for cutting down those big electric bills by installing a solar power system.

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Richmond Solar Power

PV Panel installation on a roofThis is the kind of solar system that most people are now looking for. PV panels generate electricity directly (rather than heating water). This electricity can be used immediately as it is created — or even sold back to the electricity company if you don’t need it. The first step to getting a PV solar system installed is for us to determine what size of system is right for your home and family. Panels have become so much cheaper than even a few years ago, so it makes sense to get as many panels as you need to cater for your families electricity usage.
Tesla solar battery installationThis is the kind of extended solar system we have all really been wanting from the start. But battery technology just couldn’t deliver – oh, how things have changed. The rise of electric cars has created super compact and efficient battery technology that is perfect for use in our homes to store solar generated electricity. With battery backed solar system install you can easily have backup power to last you a week — even with no sunshine at all. These systems are also great for going totally off-grid or for use at the bach.

Solar hot water system installedThis technology should not be forgotten or overlook. Heating water using solar power is a well established technology, that is widely used and still very cosst effective.

Solar water systems cost a lot less to install than PV panel systems, but they can still save you around 30% on your eletric bills. That’s because most households actually use around a third of their electricity just to heat up their hot water tanks.

Sundial Square, Richmond, NZ

Richmond is just 15 minutes south of Central Nelson – a mere 13km away. It’s even considered part of the Greater Nelson region. So you can bet it gets sunshine in spades.

It is a built up thriving urban area, but it’s also surrounded by beautiful rural scenery. It’s a service hub for the surrounding agricultural industry – predominantly orchards and vineyards. And of course the hops industry – hops just love the sunny weather here, making New Zealand hops sought after all around the world.

Richmond town centre is a hub of shopping, cafes and the ever popular Richmond Mall (Nelson doesn’t have a mall…). But it’s also a mere stones throw away to some of the best mountain biking in the country, as well as the hiking trails. And all within reach of the stunning Nelson Lakes area and two national parks (Abel Tasman and the Kahurangi).

If you’re looking for more relaxed cycling in the beautiful Richmond sunshine, then try out the Tasman Great Taste Trail. Mostly off-road this awesome relaxed ride takes in the vineyars and craft brewers of the region, and the odd art studio too. Make sure you make use of Rabbit Island’s novel bike ferry, which will take you (and your bike) over the water to the wharf at Mapua.